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I’ve just settled into my new studio in Fullerton, CA, and I’m thrilled to announce that I’m now offering private art lessons!


As a painter, sharing my passion for art is incredibly fulfilling. I’m currently accepting students ages 10 and above who are enthusiastic about art and eager to enhance their technical skills in drawing and painting. All skill levels are welcome. Whether you’re seeking a creative hobby or working on building your portfolio, I’m here to offer personalized and guided instruction!

    •    In-person sessions held in a private studio in Fullerton, CA
   •    Basic art supplies provided, including oil paint, canvas, and brushes
   •    Flexible scheduling options for weekly or bi-weekly lessons
   •    Tailored instruction to match your individual skill level and artistic interests
   •    Accommodating scheduling to fit into your busy life
   •    Over 6 years of teaching experience



1 person $75 for 1.5 hrs basic materials included

2-3 people $60 per person for 1.5 hrs basic materials included

1 person $125 for 2.5 hrs 

2-3 people $95 for 2.5 hrs 

Interested in signing up?
Please Fill out the brief application below and I will reach out to schedule a free phone consultation to answer any questions you might have!
Which days are you available?

Thanks for submitting!

Student work

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